Himanshu Yadav

Java/J2EE developer with 8 years of experience in application development for Bank-Capital Market and Insurance domain.


Professional summary

Expertise in design and development of multi-tier applications in Bank-Capital Market and Insurance domain. Have experience in working with distributed project teams including offshore, onshore and near shore with good exposure of Jave-J2EE technologies.



J2EE Frameworks:

Web Technology:

Mobile Technology:


  1. Elixir - Policy Administration System, Feb 2012 – Present
  2. Sr. Product Developer - MajescoMastek, Hartford
  3. Technologies - JDK 1.5, Flex 3.2, Hibernate, Apache Camel, Groovy, Grails
  4. Role and Responsibilities:
    • Application Development includes coding, unit testing and integration testing.
    • Implementation of small and medium enhancements.
    • Code review and application maintenance.

  1. Global Fulfillment Online (Mobile), Dec 2010 - Feb 2012
  2. Technology Consultant - Bank Of America, Chicago
  3. GFO mobile is a blackberry application for Bank’s Sales Associates. It is a mobile version of original GFO web application. It delivers real-time status updates regarding client’s recent setup. It provides the flexibility to know how far along the client’s sale request setup is, no matter where the associate is physically located.
  4. App Store URL: http://BBApps App Name: GFO Blackberry
  5. Technologies - Blackberry Webworks 2.0.0, Spring RESTful service, AJAX, HTML, CSS.
  6. Role and Responsibilities:
    • Prepare and design high level and low level design documents based on the functional requirements. This includes feasibility analysis of functional requirements and their high level estimation.
    • Developed the front end for the mobile app using Blackberry Webworks SDK. This includes building ‘cod’ file out of the front end code and deploying it on bank approved devices.
    • Unit testing in local environment and Integration testing in higher environment like CIT and SIT.
    • Lead developer for a team of 14 developers. It includes (4 onsite and 10 offshore).
    • Review of the code delivered by offshore and peers.
    • Onsite and offshore coordination includes assigning daily tasks to offshore team, answering their requirement/task related queries and reviewing offshore’s EOD delivery.

  1. Global Fulfillment Online (Web), Sep 2009 – Dec 2010
  2. Technology Consultant - Bank of America, Charlotte
  3. Global Fulfillment Online is web application for Bank’s Sales Associates. GFO helped associates to raise sales request for more than 400+ products of Bank Of America. This portal helps associate to raise request with all required information and process their request quickly. It provides real time status of sales requests.
  4. Application URL: http://globalfulfillmentonline.bankofamerica.com
  5. Technologies - Struts 2.1, Apache Velocity1.5, AJAX, JAXB, SOAP WebServices, Weblogic 9.2 application server, Weblogic Workshop, Oracle 10g, Toad.
  6. Role and Responsibilities:
    • Business and functional requirement analysis for feasibility analysis and high level estimations.
    • Preparing High level and low level design documents based on business requirements.
    • Developed velocity template for the application. It renders UI page for more than 400 products without any static JSP page. It helped client to reduce development time of product layouts.
    • Designed the business service layer of the application. It helps Action class layer to talk to DAO layer through configuration file. Business service layer works as a abstract layer between action and DAO layers.
    • Developed a document management module for the application. It helped user to upload/download 5 types of documents and with the maximum size of 2.5 MB.
    • Responsible for the training of new team members. Training included business and technology training to 5 new team members including 4 fresher.
    • Responsible for maintaining the application by fixing defects for all the environments and deliver enhancements.

  1. Automatic Clearing House, Dec 2008 – August 2009
  2. Developer - Bank of America, Charlotte
  3. ACH (Automated Clearing House) project is a check processing systems. An ACH payment is a mechanism for electronic funds transfers such as direct deposit, direct payment, business-to-business payments, e-checks, e-commerce payments and tax payments. Wells Fargo (WF) and Bank of America (BAC) have partnered to develop the next generation shared ACH processing solution.
  4. Technologies - JDK1.5, EJB 2.1, Struts 2.1, Rational Application Development (RAD), Oracle 9.1, Toad.
  5. Role and Responsibilities:
    • Prepared high level design and low level design documents based on business requirements.
    • Worked on a module which is reading data from a downstream application (Pariter) using SOAP Web Service. This module reads the data from Pariter and convert it to application specific DTO object.
    • Prepared and helped fellow developers on their unit test plans.
    • Fixed lower environment defects and worked on last minute change controls requests.

  1. BA Direct Information Reporting-OLS-RPO, July 2006 – Dec 2008
  2. Developer - Bank of America, Charlotte
  3. This project takes care of enhancements and maintenance of the Bank of America Direct suite of products. Bank of America (BA) Direct is one of many services that Bank of America offers to its customers to help with their cash management efforts. Direct is a Web-based suite of applications including Payments Management, Treasury and Trade Services. Automated business solution enables clients to access data and perform transactions in real-time via web.
  4. Technologies - JDK1.4.1, EJB 2.1, MQ, Websphere Studio 5.0, Websphere Application Server (WAS), Oracle 9.1, Toad, TogetherJ.
  5. Role and Responsibilities:
    • Application Development includes coding, unit testing and integration testing.
    • Implementation of small and medium enhancements.
    • Support for contingency environments.
    • Code review and application maintenance.


  1. Lead the team which developed Bank's first internal mobile application in a short span of 6 months.
  2. Recognized as Most Valuable Player of the group for leading integration project successfully.
  3. Spot Award for developing tools to help team in defect analysis and quick response time.